Dance Photos #4





All White Affair

Swing Dance Party


Hosted by, David, Jerry, Chikita, and Romonda


Dallas, Texas




New Age Swing Dance


1st Year  Anniversary Celebration!


Dance Instructor: Mr. Kevin Rafter

Instructor Assistant: Ms. Latisa Lewis

 Houston, Texas




Dazzling Swing Dance Starzz 


Graduation Celebration!

 Dance Instructors: Ms. Sherry Thompson, Mr. Rod Hicks and Mr. Jeremy Thompson


Dallas, Texas



 Crème de la Crème Dance Masquerade Ball


Emerald Graduation

October 29, 2011

Houston, Texas


Lead Dance Instructors: Mr. Jamon & 

Mrs. Natasha Wilkins




Smooth Flava Swing Out

Graduation Ceremony

August 6, 2011

Dance Instructor: Mr. LaDell Headroe

For more information, please visit:

Houston, Texas




"The Black Out"

Part IV the Uninterrupted

“Swing Dance Party”

February 28, 2009



Hosted by, Ms. Lasonda Campbell & DJ Gentry

Dallas, Texas   




 Swave Swing Entertainment

Bourbon Street Swinger’s

4th Graduation Celebration

Dance Instructors:

Mr. Louis Burns & Mr. Gerald Burns

Featuring Dance Instructor Mr. Michael Davis,

Swing-Out Class.

Fort Worth, Texas




 Raw Syncopation

2nd Graduation Celebration


Dance Instructors:

Mrs. Angie Jones & Mr. Dominique Martin

Dallas, Texas


 It Was With Great Pleasure To Highlight The Dallas - Fort Worth Dance Scenes And Other Dance Platforms From: 11/2009 to 11/2016.

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