Female Instructors Business Team

Ms. Cheryl Head, Dallas, TX. diaroycee@yahoo.com

    Ms. Lisa Ward,  "Lady CoCo"   You & Me Dance  LADYCOCO@YOUANDMEDANCE.COM   Fort Worth, TX.

Mrs. Toya Frazier-Pinkard,   'SwingOut & Line Dance'  Prettytoya@prodigy.net Dallas, TX.

Ms. Katrina Moore  'Swing Divaz'   swingdivaz@gmail.com   Dallas, TX. 

Ms. Sherie  Williams, X-xpose' Dance Co. Dallas, TX.

Ms. Cynthia Bailey, 'Emerald City Bar & Grill'  cyn7114@hotmail.com  Dallas, TX.

Ms. Sandra Hall, Supreme Swing Dance      shall@c21gallowayherron.com   Dallas, TX.     

 Mrs. Nancy Hopkins-Hemphill ‘Enstyle Steppers’   Dallas, TX. 

 Ms. Latonia Wallace,        www.tdubdancingstudio.com Dallas, TX.

 Ms. Anyee Akhir,  Jonakhir@msn.com Dallas, TX.

Mrs. Nichole Pearson  "Swing Doctors"   face2phace@yahoo.com   Fort Worth, TX.

Ms. Vee Hudson “Ebb & Flow Chicago Style Steppin” at:  http://ebbandflowsteppers.com/  Dallas, TX.  

Ms. Sharolyn Clay,  DFW Swing-Out   Dallas, TX.

Ms. Elnora Whitfield, Supreme Swing Dance  Dallas, TX.

 Ms. Ursula Mobley,  S-Factor Dance Company  Dallas, TX.

Ms. Catina Frankin ‘DFW SWING-OUT’ Millennium Cut    Fort Worth, TX. 

   Ms. Angelia Hunter,  S-Factor Dance Company     Dallas, TX.

Ms. Tiffany Re' Nee   "JAY'S CAMP"  Dallas, TX. 

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Below are different individuals who have helped one way or another, to keep this era of ‘Swing Dance’ and Chicago Steppin’ alive during the past few years around the DFW area.

Lady Champagne,  'X-xpose' Dance Co.'   Ladyc2much4u@yahoo.com   Dallas, TX.   

 Ms. Stephenie Whitlock, 'Platinum Swing'   misswhitlock@gmail.com      Dallas, TX.

 Ms. Loyce Knox, 'Club Ice'   Loyceknox@sbcglobal.net   Fort Worth, TX.

         Ms. Lasonda Campbell, 'S-Factor Dance Company'  Dallas, TX. 

 Ms. Angie Perry,  Dallas, TX.  dfwbridal@yahoo.com    

 Ms. SonJa Willis, "Club Ice"  Fort Worth, TX.

 Ms. Cookie Peters, X-xpose' Dance Co.  Princess19601225@aol.com   Dallas,TX.

 Ms. Roz Polk,    DFW Swing-Out  Dallas, TX.

    Ms. Erica  Ross,   S-Factor Dance Company  Dallas,TX.

       Ms. Kimberly Roberts,     S-Factor Dance Company.    Dallas, TX.

     Mrs. Brenda Dillard,  X-xpose' Dance Company      Dallas, TX.

   Mrs. Angie J. "Dance Like The Pro Studio" www.DLTPSTUDIO.com      Dallas, TX.

Ms. Stephanie Smith  "SIMPLY SMOOTH STEPPERS" Dallas, TX. 

 Ms. Rena Washington,  renaww1963@yahoo.com       Dallas, TX.

          Ms. Paulette Braziel,  'DFW Swing' Fort Worth, TX.

 It Was With Great Pleasure To Highlight The Dallas - Fort Worth Dance Scenes And Other Dance Platforms From: 11/2009 to 11/2016.


  Ms. Barbara Marshall,    "Kliff Klub"  SwingOut  & Line Dance   Dallas, TX.     214-558-5549   

Ms. Jackie Baldwin,  'Just Swing'   ladysofswing@gmail.com  Dallas, TX.

Ms. Sheila Hoenbeak  'Swing Divaz' swingdivaz@gmail.com Dallas, TX.

 Ms. Lauren Hubbard,  swingprincess83@yahoo.com     Dallas, TX.

          Ms. Kim Morgan   'Swing-Out & Line Dance' Dallas, Texas

Ms. Sherry Thompson, 'Dazzling Swing Dance Starzz'  Dallas, TX. 

 Ms. Lashanda Brown,  "Swing-Tageous"       swing.tageous@yahoo.com   Dallas, TX.

     Ms. Tonia Curry, "Groove Theory"  tlcurry_23@yahoo.com  Dallas, TX.

Ms. Brenda Rhodes,  brendardes6@icloud.com  Fort Worth, TX. 

Ms. Jodi Nash "Queentessential Smooth Steppers"  Dallas, TX. 

 Ms. Ashely Hawthorne,  Line Dane Workshop Ashleyhawthorne@hotmail.com  Dallas, TX. 

 Ms. Jennifer Thompson, Dazzling Swing Dance Starzz  Dallas, TX.

   Ms. Liana Claxton,  S- Factor Dance Company Dallas, TX.

 Mrs. Quita Davis, DFW Swing-Out & Steppin  Fort Worth, TX.

      Ms. Kris Spruell,   S-Factor Dance Company  Dallas, TX.

Ms. Conwaja "Lil Bit" Brunson    Fluency Dance  at: 972-693-3649  Dallas, TX.

 Ms. D'Carsha Jackson  Supreme Swing Fort Worth  dcarshaj@yahoo.com  Fort Worth, TX. 

Ms. Kisha Walters "JAY'S CAMP"  Dallas, TX. 

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