Texas Rising Stars Showcase Dance


Texas Rising Stars Showcase Dance

60 Minutes of Awesome Showcase Swing Dancing

4 Hours of Social Dancing


On Saturday, September 24, 2011, I traveled to Dallas, Texas to attend the 1st "Texas Rising Star Showcase Dance" hosted by, Ms. Lear Linton.


This event gave some of Texas best dance instructors a chance to show off some of their most talented past and present students, "The Rising Stars of Texas Swing Dance."


I must say, I am truly proud of Ms. Lear Linton, and is extremely glad that I was able to attend her event to see her vision to showcase the DFW areas rising stars of swing dance come to life.

Ms. Beverly Hilton



The first showcase:  A birthday dance in honor of the host, Ms. Lear Linton. She performed with dancers Mr. Rasheed Hatcher, Mr. Clifton Jones, and Mr. Brian McDonald. 

Founder: Ms. Lear Linton




 The second showcase was performed by dance instructor, Mr. LaDell Headroe of Houston Texas with his two former DFW Swingout students;  Ms. Barbara Lewis of Houston, and Ms. Yolanda Scott of Dallas, Texas.




 LaDell “Mr. SF” Headroe

I can make you to dance, if you want me to.

LaDell Headroe is the founder and lead instructor of Smooth Flava Entertainment.  His career began while living in the Dallas Fort Worth area under the influence of several legendary Swing Out instructors.  LaDell’s dancing skills progressed as he graduated from classes with Willie “Hitman” Johnson of Fort Worth, and Angie Jones “A.P.” who is known as the dance champion of Swing Out and West Coast Swing in Dallas. Finally, after graduating from Lady Champagne’s Sheer Elegance class, LaDell was given the honor of becoming an assistant instructor with Lady Champagne. To read more, please visit: www.smoothflava.com





 The third showcase was performed by instructors Mr. Dominique Martin, and Ms. Lauren Hubbard of Dallas, Texas. 




Mr. Dominique Martin & Ms. Lauren Hubbard


Mr. Dominique Martin and Ms. Lauren Hubbard are National Dance Champions and teach both West Coast and DFW Swingout.



 For more information on Mr. Dominique and Ms. Lauren, please visit their website at: www.domandlaurenswing.com






         The fourth showcase was performed by students from Mr. Derrick Farrow’s Swingology dance class with a special guest appearance from dancer Mr. Willie B. Williams of Dallas, Texas. 


 ~Individual Couples Showcase~

Couple #1. was, Ms. Traci Stonum & Mr. Trevis Guidry / Couple #2. was, Mr. Leevert Johnson & Ms. Sonia Pritchard  Couple #3. was, Ms. Toni Watts & Mr. Trevis Guidry / Couple #4. was, Ms. Brittney Smith & Mr. Willie Williams




Mr. Derrick Farrow a.k.a Big Smooth


Is the creator of Swingology Dance,
and founder of the Annual Follow My Lead Dance Competition held yearly in Dallas, Texas.



For more information about Swingology Dance, please visit: www.swingologydance.com







 The fifth showcase was performed by, Mr. Terry Roseborough, Ms. Beata Howe and his student dancer Ms. Stevie Blakely of Dallas, Texas.




 Mr. Terry Roseborough

World Champion West Coast Swing Dancer


Short Bio

I started dancing when I was about 5. My father always brought out his 45's and would play them until very late. I enjoyed it a lot but I was so young I couldn't stay awake. Break dancing was really my first dance that I took on. My Uncle Keith would take me to our neighbor's house and we would dance for them. We would do the latest dances called Popping, Locking, and the famous Robot! To read more please visit his website at: www.terryswingprince.com








 Ms. Latonia Wallace

About T-Dub and Her Dance Studio


Hello, I'm Latonia Wallace, the owner and one of the dance instructors on location.


If you have a daughter interested in dance but isn't sure which style best suits her, then this program is for your child. Each child is encouraged to learn different forms of dancing.


The type of dance currently offered includes: jazz, tap, ballet, modern, swing, and salsa. To read more, please visit her website at: www.tdubdancingstudio.com   







 The seventh showcase was performed by dance instructor, Ms. Angie J., students of

Dallas, Texas.


~ A Group Dance Showcase ~

Mr. Ro Fisher & Ms. Deonica Gaston / Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Cori Simpson

Mr. Rasheed Hatcher & Ms. Jackie Arnett.



Ms. Angie Jones

National Champion Dancer in both West Coast & SwingOut with eight years of experience. 

Her "Dance Like The Pros' Studio," was established in 2004 by Ms. Angie Jones. Angie's goal is to provide an elite, dynamic dance studio with the highest quality instruction available. She endeavors to create and maintain a caring, positive and professional atmosphere, which offers dancers of all ages the ultimate dance studio experience. 

For more information, please visit: www.DLTPSTUDIO.COM







The eighth showcase was performed by, dance instructor Mr. Ramiro Gonzales and his student dancer Ms. Ann Dietrich of Dallas, Texas.



 Mr. Ramiro Gonzalez


Nationally Renowned Champion Dancer, National Living Legend Hall of Fame Inductee, Entertainer of the Year, and US Open Champion, Hustle, West Coast Swing, and Salsa instructor.




 Ramiro grew up dancing in a west Texas town called Kermit. At the age of 16, he began teaching ballroom dance. Today he travels, performs and teaches many styles of dance.







The ninth showcase was performed by, dance instructors Mr. David Simpson and

Ms. Sandra Lopez of Dallas, Texas. 



 Mr. David Simpson & Ms. Sandra Lopez




Mr. David Simpson and Ms. Sandra Lopez are both "West Coast Swing" professionals. Together they both teaches West Coast Swing weekly.



For their class schedule information, please visit: www.dfwdancecenter.com






The tenth showcase was performed by, dance instructor Ramiro's, Salsa Students.




Ramiro Gonzales

*Salsa Sunday Classes

At: 6:00 p.m.

Move Studio
17062 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX. 75218

(972) 732-0206

Ramiro's facebook fan page can be accessed by visiting: www.facebook.com/RamiroGonzalezDanceInstructorExtraordinaire








Texas Rising Stars Showcase "Last Dance of The Night" guest starring Dallas' dancers

Mr. Rasheed Hatcher and Ms. Shanta Mackey.





 ~ Texas Rising Stars Showcase Dance Supporters ~ 



 For more information on Ms. Lear Linton, and the Texas Rising Stars Showcase Dance, please visit: www.txrisingstarshowcasedance.com


Thank you, Ms. Beverly Hilton  

 It Was With Great Pleasure To Highlight The Dallas - Fort Worth Dance Scenes And Other Dance Platforms From: 11/2009 to 11/2016.

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