Ms. Beverly's Memories!

The 50 Yard Line


While enjoying my fabulous trip to Chicago, Illinois on May 13th through the 16th of 2016, I decided to go out and embrace the culture of Chicago Steppin’ at the 50 Yard Line Sports Bar & Grill. It had been an AWESOME experience, and I enjoyed every moment as I was introduced to so many wonderful people. 

With that been said, would like to invite you to enjoy photo highlights from The 11th Annual Anniversary STEPPIN’ at the 50 w/TOMMIE where DJ “Famous” Amos was on the 1’s & 2’s. 

Special thanks to, Chicago steppers Ms. Patricia Wade & Mr. Tommie Williams for their warm hospitality and making me feel right at home!

Ms. Beverly


Greetings to all!

While on a mini vacation in Chicago, Illinois; I decided to pay a courtesy visit to SNOOP & CREW Chicago Steppin’ class at the 50 Yard Line Sports Bar & Grill.

I had a very joyful visit and got the chance to mingle with some of my dear friends too!

Much love to my good friend Mrs. Joann Morgan with SNOOP & CREW for making my visit to the class very special!

Ms. Beverly

Steppin’ in Chicago, Illinois with After 7 Productions...


With great pleasure back on May 14th while I was in Chicago, Illinois’; I attended the After 7 Productions presents “STEPPING & LINE DANCING in FUCHSIA” Steppin’ Set with DJ Tony Lane and DJ Lavelle C. on the 1’s & 2’s.

I had a BLAST and an awesome evening too! The After 7 Productions is a CLASS ACT, and they represented themselves very well too! Their hospitality was second to none; the DJ’s had been on point too and they all made LadyDi Taylor from Houston, Texas who was the out-of-town guest of Mr. L.C. Henderson and myself, evening with them very pleasing. 

Special thanks to, 1st Lady Jodine Basterash for her professionalism on Thursday and for all the wonderful accommodations that took place inside of the Ballroom on this past Saturday evening. 

Ms. Beverly would like to invite you to enjoy photo highlights from the second half of After 7 Productions presents “STEPPING & LINE DANCING in FUCHSIA” Steppin’ Set.


Much respect to, After 7 Productions Members: Founder/President Mr.Alonzo Brown, 1st Lady Jodine Basterash, Mr. Johnny L. Carter Jr. and Mr. Billy Jones!

Steppin’ in Chicago, Illinois with Just Us Productions & A True Steppers Connection...

Greetings to all!

WOW...back on May 15 of 2016 while still on my mini vacation in Chicago, I enjoyed a wonderful evening watching one of my favorite Chicago Steppers Mr. L.C. Henderson do his thang! 

Prior to me traveling to Chicago, I contacted him and told him if time allows, I would be attending the upcoming event “EVERY 3rd SUNDAY STEPPERS SET” co-hosted by, Just Us Productions & A True Steppers Connection with DJ Darren and DJ Mellow Khris on the 1’s & 2’s while I’m in town. 

So, I did and had an AWESOME time at that very fine social affair! Furthermore, the highlight of the evening for me was those two “Top Notch” DJ’s! They both did their thang, and turned that Ballroom into a Grown Folks affair! 

Much respect to, Mr.  L.C. Henderson because, I greatly appreciated his warm hospitality throughout my visit to Chicago, Illinois.

Ms. Beverly


Steppin’ in Chicago, Illinois with DéJà Vu Steppers Association...


On this past July 2nd with great pleasure, I attended DéJà Vu Steppers Association main event where First Lady Madaline Maddy B Haywood, was celebrating her birthday with music engineer’s DJ Steve Breeze Brewer and DJ Christian Jackson on the 1’s & 2’s. 

This was a FABULOUS social event and the highlight of the evening for me was to see First Lady Madaline Maddy B Haywood, with her classy-HUMBLE self become so overwhelmed with joy by everyone’s presence around the ballroom that came from near and far to attend her birthday celebration! She is so sweet, hilarious too and a joy to be around. 

May our heavenly father continue to bless her with peace, joy and happiness that she would be content in all that life brings.

Ms. Beverly



Greetings to all!

On this past July 1st, I met up with some new friends of mines that I met on the 2015 Luxurious Travel and Snoop & Crew 5-Day Western Caribbean Excursion.

We all had a GRAND OLD TIME embracing LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS and FELLOWSHIP as we all came together to celebrate our dear friend’s summer birthdays!

Summer Birthday VIPs: Mrs. Mel Allsmiles J and Mr. Frederick Dillion.

Much love, and big thanks to everyone who dedicated a few seconds of their time to come together and make the evening very memorable.

Ms. Beverly

Chicago Summer Dance 2016…

Greetings, while I was in Chicago for First Lady Maddy B’s birthday celebration, I did some sightseeing around downtown Chicago and landed myself at Grant Park where the Chicago Summer Dance featuring Chicago Steppin instructors Mr. Dawud and Mrs. Lura Shareef were about to take place. 

WOW, Chicago’s social entertainment district got it goin’ ON! I had a wonderful time out at the park, which was filled with so much laughter!!! Furthermore, I did regret not having enough time on my daily schedule to stick around for Snoop & Crew to show-up because I was greatly looking forward to seeing them in the park as well. 

Ms. Beverly


The lovely Ms. Cynthia Bean!

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