Male Instructors Business Team

Mr. Derrick  Farrow a.k.a. Big Smooth  Swingology Dance 469-245-3405 Dallas, TX.

  Mr. Willie Johnson, ( Hitman ) Fort Worth, TX.

Mr. Maurice Jefferson 
The Trinity Lodge - South Dallas 

  Mr. Henry Hardy, 214-893-1162  Events at the Plaza  Dallas, TX. 

 Mr. Dominique Martin,  Dallas, TX.

  Mr. Derek Garrett,    S-Factor Dance Company Dallas, TX.

     Mr. Mike Gordon,  "Just Swing"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Kevin  Rafter,  New Age Swing Dance Dallas, TX. 

 Mr. AL Dillard,   "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.  

Mr. Lenny Hughes, S-Factor Dance Company     Dallas, TX.

     Mr. K-9,   DFW Swing-Out   Fort Worth, TX.

Mr. Ketema Lyles, S-Factor Dance Company Dallas, TX.

 Mr. Wendell Ross,  214-861-0457  Dallas, TX.

  Mr. Oscar Rivers,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Ruben Smith, "Swing Tageous"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Lawrence Butler   469-231-1810 Dallas, TX. 

Mr. David Hemphill ‘Enstyle Steppers’  DFW, TX. 

Mr. James Johnson "Rumors Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Marcus Ross ‘DFW SWING-OUT’          Millennium Cut ~ Fort Worth, TX.

   Mr. Herman McKinney "DFW Swing-Out"      Dallas, TX.

Mr. Joe Benjamin "DFW Swing-Out" Dallas, TX.  

Mr. Jason "JayCo" Conley "Slide & Glide Ent. Fort Worth, TX. 

Mr. Drewry Alexander "Smoothtivity" Chicago Steppin' of the DFW, TX. 

 Mr. Dewayne Bachemin "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

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Below are different individuals who have helped one way or another, to keep this era of ‘Swing Dance’ and Chicago Steppin’ alive during the past few years around the DFW area.

  Mr. Jerry Palmer, "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Terry Tucker,  214-763-3350   Dallas, TX.

   Mr. Harvey Gaines, "DFW Swing-Out"          Dallas, TX. 

Mr. William Smith,  "Wild Bill" Line Dance Dr.     Dallas, TX.

Mr. Tim Davis,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

 Mr. Tremmelle Jackson, "DFW Swing -Out"    Dallas, TX.

Mr. James King,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Mike Davis, "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX. 

Mr. Edward Smith, "DFW Swing-Out" Dallas, TX. 

Mr. James King,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Billy Culton,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX. 

Mr. Rod Hicks,  Dallas, TX. 

Mr. David Pearson   "Swing Doctors"   Fort Worth, TX.

Mr. Adrian Carson,  "Groove Theory"      Dallas, TX.  

Mr. Tony Kyles “Ebb & Flow Chicago Style Steppin”  Dallas, TX. at: 

Mr. Al Monday "DFW Swing"   Dallas, TX.

Mr. Shaun Brockington  Supreme Swing Fort Worth Ft. Worth, TX. 

 Mr. Gary King  “3D Swing”  214-861-5334  Dallas, TX. 

Mr. Tshon Thegentleman ‘Chicago Steppin’  Dallas, TX. 

Mr. Leevert Johnson "The Swing Divaz & The Gentz" Swing Out ~ Arlington. TX.

Mr. DeMarick Love  ‘D-TOWN SWING’ 
 Dallas, TX.

Mr. Jerome McKnight "KNIGHT SPOT LOUNGE" Swing Out ~ Fort Worth, TX.

  It Was With Great Pleasure To Highlight The Dallas - Fort Worth Dance Scenes And Other Dance Platforms From: 11/2009 to 11/2016.

    Mr. Jesse Rivera, 214-931-7865  Dallas, TX.

      Mr. Melvin Rollins, "Old Skool DFW Swing-Out"    Ft. Worth, TX.

 Mr. Geno Spears,  312-804-4278  Chicago Steppin'  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Pee Wee,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.  

Mr. Dell Johnson,     "DFW Swing-Out"      Dallas, TX.

Mr. Louis  Burns, "Swave Swing Ent."  Fort Worth, TX. 

  Mr. Jeremy Thompson,   Dazzling Swing Dance Starzz   Dallas, TX.

Mr. Abron Willis,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Fort Worth, TX.

 Mr. JR.,  "DFW Swing-Out"  Dallas, TX.

Mr. Terry Roseborough @ Dallas, TX.

Mr. Bernard Brown, "DFW Swing-Out" Dallas, TX.

Mr. John Griffin, "Club Ice"  Fort Worth, TX. 

Mr. Ted Williams ‘STEPPERS AROUND THE WORLD’ Dallas, TX. 

Mr. Shawn Bagley, "DFW Swing Out" Dallas,  TX.

              Mr. Gerald Burns a.k.a “Baby Boy”                    Swave Swing Ent. ~ Fort Worth, TX.

     Mr. Special K. (Ken Davis) The Kool In You Productions at:  Fort Worth, TX.

    Mr. Don Hicks, "Emerald City Bar & Grill"         Dallas, TX.   214-906-3036   

Mr. Morris Allen,  "DFW Swing-Out" Fort Worth, TX. 

 Mr. Walter Hannah Jr, "Swing Tageous" Dallas, TX.

 Mr. Johnnie French , "DFW Swing-Out" Dallas, TX. 

  Mr. Carlos Young, "Come Dance With Me" 

Dallas, TX. 

Mr. Lendy Holmes ‘STEP IN MOTION’  
Dallas, TX.

Mr. Feddie Harris ‘D-TOWN SWING’
 Dallas, TX.

Mr. Jay Durham 
"JAY'S CAMP"   Dallas, TX. 

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