The 2011 Black & White Ball

 Ms. Beverly’s Memories!


The 6th Annual Black & White Instructors’ Charity Scholarship Ball held in Houston, Texas hosted by, Houston Elite Dance Productions.

Saturday, November 26, 2011 ~ The Crowne Plaza



 ~ Acknowledgements ~


 From one committee member to another:


I, Mrs. Beverly Hilton would like to take this time and say, thank you to all the incredible ladies whom volunteered their time on the Houston Elite Dance Productions 2011 committee. You all played a major role in the success of the 6th Annual Black & White Instructors Charity Scholarship Ball. 


Houston Elite Dance Productions 2011 committee members are as follows: Ms. Bonnie Darrett, Ms. Toni Henderson, Ms. Lucy Carroll, Ms. Juliet Scioneaux, Ms. Deborah Dowell, Ms. Karen Gooden, Ms. Mary McCloud, Ms. Kathy Miles and Myself.



                                                                          Best regards, 

                                                                      Ms. Beverly Hilton


 The 2011 Committee:

Posing are committee members (L - R ) Ms. Kathy Miles, Ms. Juliet Scioneaux, Ms. Toni Henderson,    Ms. Mary McCloud, Mrs. Deborah Dowell, Ms. Karen Gooden and Ms. Bonnie Darrett.      



~ Benefiting Worthing High School Senior's ~

 Houston Elite Dance Productions 2011 Scholarship Recipients:   Mr. Gable Langford,  Mr. Broderick     La Keith Garrett, and Mr. Willie Williams.




"Worthing High School ~ Class Day & Awards Ceremony" 

May 31, 2012 

 Earlier last month, Worthing High School officials contacted ‘The Black & White Ball’ board member Mr. Larry Duncan, and asked if he would come and do a scholarship presentation on behalf of the 6th Annual Black & White Instructor's Scholarship Ball, at their 2012 senior awards ceremony.

 On Thursday, May 31st,"I" Ms. Beverly Hilton, joined board member Mr. Larry Duncan, at Worthing High School, Senior Class Day & Awards Ceremony.

 It was a gratifying moment for me to see 'Worthing High School' seniors accomplished one of life's greatest achievements.

 In all, the dance communities (Austin, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Fort Worth, Killeen, Houston, Oklahoma) and others awarded the 6th Annual Black & White Ball scholarship recipients from Worthing High School with three individual laptop computers with carrying cases, and $1.000 each towards higher education.

 It shows Houston Elite Dance Productions 2011 scholarship recipients, 
Mr. Gable Langford, Mr. Broderick La Keith Garrett, and Mr. Willie Williams posing with board member Mr. Larry Duncan, at Worthing High School 2012 S
enior Class Day & Awards Ceremony.


 Posing Below Are Very Proud Supporters of 

The 6th Annual Black & White Scholarship Ball...




























 The 6th Annual Black & White

 Instructors Charity Scholarship

Fundraiser Ball Photos.


Held on November 26, 2011

at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Houston, Texas


Posing above is Houston Elite Dance Productions 2011 Volunteers:  Ms. Darlene Pierre,

 Ms. Erma Matthews, and Ms. Re’gina Miller.             





 The 6th Annual Black & White

 Instructors Charity Scholarship

Fundraiser Ball Video!



Worthing High School



 Joining me is Dallas, Texas dance instructor Mr. DeWayne Thomas, and

Mr. Rasheed Hatcher owner of Rasheed's Landscaping of Dallas.  

































Please enjoy this album, it contains photos from...

The Black & White Ball

Meet & Greet Dance Party!


Held on Friday, November 25th at...The Original Red Rooster Night Club in Houston, Texas





 Joining me are some of Houston Elite Dance Productions' 2011 Committee Members:

Ms. Toni Henderson, Ms. Kathy Miles, Ms. Bonnie Darrett, and Ms. Karen Gooden. 




Please enjoy this album, it contains photos of some out-of-town guests as they were preparing for departure back home safely.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

 Crowne Plaza Hotel

 Houston, Texas



Posing is Myself, dancers Ms. Lawanda, Mr. Anthony, Ms. Johanna and Ms. Freda all from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  




~ A Thank You Note ~ 



I Mrs. Beverly Neal would like to take this time and thank my entire special guest who attended the 6th Annual Black & White Instructors Charity Scholarship Ball this past weekend in Houston, Texas. 

I had many V.I.P. guests, dear friends, old classmates, and proud supporters of on hand. Your lovely presence and financial contributions meant a great deal to me. It is because of your generosity Houston Elite Dance Productions, could provide monetary assistance and gifts to three deserving seniors from Worthing High School, who is looking forward to attending college next summer. 

Special thanks goes to, “Terrible T. Productions” Mr. Tommy & Mrs. Teresa Pye of Fort Worth, TX., “Swing Dance Studio” representatives, Mr. Bennie & Ms. Pam, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Gwen, DJ Sexxy, Mr. Stanly & Ms. Jackie, Mr. Brian & Mrs. Serena McDonald, Mr. Terrance & Mrs. Rosalind Thompson, Mr. Gerome & Mrs. Angelia Leake, Ms. Denise Armstrong, Mr. Ozzie Arzu  TM Smith & Ms. Jocelyn Brooks, Mr. Tracy Maloney & Ms. Kita Watson, Mr. DeWayne & Mrs. Taronda Thomas, Lady CoCo "You And Me Dance” representatives, Ms. La Wanda & Ms. Johanna Carr, “Your Elite Swing Dance” Ms. Yolanda Scott & Mr. Ronald Robinson, Mr. Derrick Farrow “Big Smooth” and his Swingology Dance Family, Mr. Rasheed Landscaping and Friends , “Events at the Plaza” DJ Henry & Valerie and their Swing Dance Family “North Central Texas Swing Out Society” Ms. Cheryl & Ms. Tina Kidd, Mr. Lawrence Butler, “Dance Shoe Diva” Ms. Yolanda & Mr. Lawrence Riley, “Smooth Flava Entertainment” Mr. LaDell Headroe, Mr. Bobby & Ms. Felicia Washington and to those who may have graciously sat at one of these many tables listed here, (5,6,14,15,16,19,20,28,29,37,39,45,46,53.) 

Special Acknowledgments to:

“Houston Dance TSI” Mr. J.R. Wyatt, “Houston Line Dance Queen” Ms. Cheryl Williams, “The Mayor of Platinum Swing Dance” Mr. Edward Smith, "Oklahoma Queen of Swing” Ms. Sandy Brown, Ms. T-Dub, Gentry & Willie, “Flo-Motion of Baton Rouge” Mr. Otis and Friends, Ms. Aurelia Petty-Owens, Ms. Gwendolyn DeDe Daniels, Mr. Dell Johnson, Mr. Jerry Palmer, “Swinging First Friday at Skyline Ranch” Mr.  David Robison & Ms. Chikita, Ms. Katrina July and Ms. Robin Hall of Dallas, Texas. 

I say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Together, we have all brought so much joy to others! 

 Ms. Beverly Hilton




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