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On July 30th, 2010, I had the privilege of traveling to Detroit, Michigan with Mr. Ali McHenry and several of our Houston, Texas dancers to attend the 5th Annual Dancefusion USA, National Conference and Exhibition in Downtown Detroit. 

I had a lovely time, and was extremely pleased that I had made this trip as well.  Below you will find some of the wonderful highlights from this event, please ENJOY!



The 5th Annual Dancefusion USA


 National Conference & Exhibition



July 30th - August 1, 2010


Historic Westin Book Cadillac Hotel

Downtown Detroit, MI.


Above are the co-founders of Dancefusion USA.




 Mr. Kevin Collins & Mr. Ali McHenry


Dancefusion USA was founded in 2005 by, Mr. Kevin Collin and Mr. Ali McHenry.

 Since 2005 there have been five national conferences with participants from Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, California, Florida, District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, and Louisiana.

Dancefusion USA focuses on five core ballroom dancing styles: Social & ChaCha, Detroit Ballroom, Bop Chop, Latin Hustle, and Salsa.

In the Houston dance community, Mr. Ali McHenry, has received many credits for bringing Detroit Ballroom dancing to the Houston, Texas area.



Below are our awesome Houston, Texas Ballroom dancers that traveled to this year’s National Dance Conference held in Detroit.




The 5th Annual Dancefusion USA National Conference






 Below are photos of the daily workshops taught by many awesome instructors from around our great nation.

 Bop I-Workshop taught by, Ms. Pam Moore  

Bop III-Workshop taught by, Mr. Kevin Collins

Salsa-Workshop taught by, Mr. Bobby Green

 Chop-Workshop taught by, Mr. Rodney

Latin I-Workshop taught by, Mr. Demetrius

 Latin I-Workshop taught by, Ms. Sandy

Line Dance-Workshop taught by,

Mr. John King

Line Dance-Workshop taught by,

Mr. Sir. Charles

Steppin I-Workshop taught by,  Ms. Angie

Steppin II-Workshop taught by,  Mr. Daryl

Ballroom I-Workshop taught by, Mr. Mike King

Ballroom II- taught by, Mr. Kevin Collins





Special thanks to, Mr. Ali McHenry and our Houston, Texas Ballroom dancers for showing me a fabulous time at the 5th Annual Dancefusion USA, National Conference. 


As always, thanks for visiting this page.


Ms. Beverly Hilton 

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