Ms. Beverly's Memories!


 On Saturday, August 11th 2012, I attended Flo-Motion Dance Association's 1st Annual Graduation & Anniversary Celebration. 

 By far, this was one of the best dance programs, I have ever attended. Flo-Motion of Houston made their event a dance community affair, and many influential Houston Two-Step dancers received recognition.

 Thanks, Flo-Motion Dance Association, for having me as a guest. All the graduate's routines were all fabulous!  I cannot wait to see what your next event would bring about to the Houston dance community. "Smile," and keep up the good works.

 Ms. Beverly Hilton

 Flo-Motion Dance Association of Houston, Texas

 Above is dance instructor Ms. Latisa Lewis, the "Original Members," Ms. Teddie Lewis & Ms. Barbara Lewis, and dancers Ms. Lesetta from  Baton Rouge, LA. and Ms. Jasmin Meeks.

 Far left is administrator Ms. Tanisha Green, and far-right stand's dance instructor Dr. Iris Lancaster.

 Above is Flo-Motion Dance Association founder, 

Mr. Jay Owens and dance instructor Mr. Walter McDonald.


 Flo-Motion of Houston 

Houston Two-Step Graduating Class of 2012

 It pictures below Forty-One Graduates out of Sixty-Five. 

These were the only ones I could round-up.







Graduate's names are as follows: 

Ursula Chester, Cynthia Williams, Daisy Lane, Darrell Edwards, Dawn Burton, Deborah Ward, Dexter Mayfield, Stacy Williams, Dondea Watson, Donna Matthews, Dora Griffin, Ebony Treneice Smith, Goree Allen Jr., Gretchen Allen,  Heather Davis, Jacqueline Henry, Janet Shelly, Jean War-Kelley, Jessica Jackson, JoRhon Calhoun, Juliet Scioneaux, Kashi Woods, Kenneth Alexander, LaDell "Smooth Flava" Headroe, LaTesha Thompson, Linda Rafter, Luther Rafter, Angel Roberts, Jasmin Meek, Barbara Welch, Bobbie Watson, Chalmust Allen, Charlotte Wilson, Corelle Chester, Maria Williams, Marquitta Harper, Darren Harris, Meishar Embers, Melissa Smith, Michelle Chavis, Ralph Limbrick, Robin Leveston, Ron Phearse, Shane  Ferrier, Ivy Ferrier, Sherita Smith, Shonta Smith, Stan Mouton, Barbara Luchin, Stephanie Phillips, Stephanie Smith, Tanisha Green, Tanyetta Hagger-Buckner, Tina Jefferson, Tracii Lacy, Tysi Burrell, Ursula Cornish, Von Coleman, Wayne Wise, Sherica Matthews, Carla Stewart, Lawrence Riley, Yolanda Riley, Sergai Daigre Sr., Joan M. Daigre.


~ Entertainment ~

Dance History Timeline: 1850s - 1930s: The group of dancers below performed the 

"Foundation Dances"...Cakewalk, Charleston, Breakaway and Lindy Hop.



Pictured (L) to (R) are dancers Mr. Yuxi  Buan, Ms. Danielle Ingram, Ms. Katibeth Lee and 

Mr. Brian Eley.


Below Are Three individual Showcases Performed By,  Houston Two-Step Legends. 

 "Houston Two-Step Legend"...Mr. Lewis McPherson and dance partner Ms. Elaine Runnels.

 "Houston Two-Step Legend"...Mr. Kent Sharp and dance partner Ms. Joyce Baldwin.

 "Houston Two-Step Legend"... Mr. Leonard Pecot "Master Redd" and dance partner Ms. Kathy Miles.


~ The Evening Host ~

 Se7en The Poet



 Below Mr. Jay Owens Is Showing His Appreciation To The...

"Original Members & Old School Houston Two-Steppers."





 Posing in the top photo names are as follows: Mr. Cochise, Mr. Johnny B., Mr. Henry Harvey, Mr. Larry Duncan, Mr. Lewis McPherson, Mr. Jay Owens (Himself) Ms. Joyce Baldwin, Mr. Kent Sharp, Ms. Elaine Runnels, Mr. Eugene Waddis, Ms. Teddie Lewis, Ms. Barbara Lewis, Ms. Kathy Waddis, Ms. Constance Tims, Master Redd and bottom photo show Ms. Cheryl Williams.

Furthermore, not present but they were also recognized, Mr. Henry "June Bug" Johnson - (Legend) Ms. Carolyn Morrison - (Legend),    Ms. Frankie Mitchell - (Legend), Ms. Deborah "Fanci Dancer" - (Former Instructor), Mr. Lee "Smooth" Perry - (Former Instructor) -(Legend), Mr. Willie "2+2" Fleming - (Former Instructor) -(Legend), Mr. Jordon Sapp -(Former Instructor) -(Legend).


Flo-Motion of Houston, Student's Showcases:





 ~ Below Are Photos of Supporting Dance Instructors ~


~ Guests & Supporters ~




~ Well Wishers From Our Dance Communities ~




Earlier that day, I also sat in on two delightful workshops that Flo-Motion Dance Association had scheduled for their guests to enjoy, before the start of the main event over at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

 ~ A Spin Technique Workshop ~

 Taught by, Ms. Celesta Urrutia of Salsa Eddy's Conjunto.


 ~ A Line Dance Workshop ~

Taught by, Mrs. Mia Trevillion-Barney of Groove 44.


 Friday Night Meet & Greet Kick-Off Party

 On Friday, the night before the main event, I also attended Flo-Motion Dance Associations, Meet & Greet party. This celebration went off with a bang. The room was packed with guests, supporters and Flo-Motion of Houston 2012 graduates.

 The highlight of the night for me was the battle of the sexes' dance competition, which the men won.

 Please enjoy some of the highlights below.

Above is dancer Mr. Ron Phearse, "Myself," dance instructors Ms. Iris Lancaster, and
 Mr. Walter McDonalds.

 It pictures some of the 'Flo-Motion of Houston' 2012 Graduates.

Above is Mr. Jay Owens, posing with his Flo-Motion of Baton Rough Dance Family.

 It pictures members of 'Flo-Motion of Houston', Ms. Tanisha Green, Mrs. Ursula Chester, Ms. Ebony Smith, Ms. Iris and

 Mr. Luther & Mrs. Linda Rafter.

 ~ Houston Two-Step Battle of the Sexes Dance Competition ~

*A woman lead vs. a man follows.

 The Winners!



 Above is Se7en the Poet, Mr. Jay Owens and DJ Lethal Weapon.

For more information on Flo-Motion of Houston, please visit: 

 It Was With Great Pleasure To Highlight The Dallas - Fort Worth Dance Scenes And Other Dance Platforms From: 11/2009 to 11/2016.

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