West Coast Swing Dance

 "West Coast Swing"

Dallas, Texas 


A Snippet of WEST COAST History... 

What is West Coast Swing? Slotted, 6-count, and 8-count patterns. Depending on the style lots of turns or lots of footwork. Syncopations are common. The man stays pretty much in one place while the woman moves back and forth in a slot. Therefore, it's the woman's movements that are emphasized. There's a lot more hand and arm motion than in the shag to produce figures like left/right passes, tunnels, and various wraps. West Coast developed from the Lindy.

 West Coast Swing is very improvisational among advanced dancers with "syncopation's", i.e. rhythm variations, footwork variations, body waves, etc. Individual styles vary widely. Most of the finalists at the US Open Swing competition have radically different styles. There are no set "rules". There is a lot of leeway for the follower to improvise and add styling and syncopated footwork, typically as she turns around at the end of her slot.


West Coast Swing is the "Official State Dance of California"


West Coast Swing originated from an earlier dance known as the Savoy Style Lindy Hop, which was done at the Savoy Ballroom in New York in the early 1930's.

 In early 1938, Mr. Dean Collins moved to Hollywood, California.  He learned to dance the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug Swing in New York City, and spent a lot of time in Harlem and at the Savoy Ballroom.  Mr. Collins came to California to get into the movie business and brought with him, his style of the "Savoy Style Lindy Hop. After dancing in Hollywood for a couple of years, Mr. Collins began to compete in dance competitions.

When Mr. Collins started winning, everyone wanted to learn his style. 

  Mr. Collins started teaching his style of swing dance to L.A. dancers, and soon everyone on the West Coast was doing it.  Mr. Collins dance partner was Ms. Jewel McGowen, the best female Swing Dancer at that time.



Congratulations to our... 

Americas' Classic Champions, and Finalists! 

 "2010 Results"

Novice J.J: Michael Davis & Alyssa Kling; Dominique Martin & Debra Hollowe; Cassidy Cagle & Allison Brown; Carlos Young & Lydia Harris

Intermediate J.J.: Lonnie Johnson & Valerie David; Jeremy Thompson & Stacie Vainiunas

Novice Strictly Swing: Dominique Martin & Lauren Hubbard; Michael Davis & Erica Ross; Mike Taylor & Alicia Hutchins

Intermediate Strictly Swing: Jeremy Thompson & Sandra Lopez; Lonnie Johnson & Lasonda Campbell

Mixed Pro-Am Division (Routina): Dominique Martin & Alicia Turner

Masters Division (Routine): Lewis Neal & Leslie Mallory

Intermediate Division (Routine): Lenny Hughes & Lasonda Campbell

Intermediate Champions: Intermediate Leader: David Simpson

Intermediate Strictly Swing: David Simpson & Sandra Lopez


 Houston, Texas 


 Congratulations to our... 

Novice Invitational Champions, and Finalists!

   Hello Swingout Family,   

It is with great pleasure that I give you the results from the West Coast Swing Competition.

     Congratulations to Dallas, Austin, and Houston, West Coast Dancers in attendance! We represented to the fullest!!

Mr. Dominique Martin

*2010 Results* 

Newcomer Novice Strictly Swing
**1st Place   "Carlos Young & Phallon Tillis"
Amateur/Novice Strictly Swing
*4th Place   "Jillian Townsend" & Thomas Guerrera
*5th Place   "Mike Davis & Erica Ross"
*6th Place   "Lauren Hubbard & Dennis Simpson"
Non Pro (Intermediate) Strictly Swing
*2nd Place  "Dominique Martin & Angie Jones"
Mixed Pro-Am (Routine) Division

*2nd Place  "Dominique Martin" & Alisha Turner
Male Pro-Am Non Pro (Intermediate) Strictly Swing
*2nd Place  "Lasonda Campbell" & Jason Barnes
Female Pro-Am Non Pro (Intermediate) Strictly Swing
*2nd Place  "Dominique Martin" & Alisha Turner
Amateur Novice Jack & Jill
*2nd Place  "Michael Davis" & Alyssa King
Non Pro (Intermediate) Jack & Jill
*1st Place   "Jeremy Thompson" & Valerie Davis
*3rd Place   "Dominique Martin" & Catrinel Jordan
Advanced Jack & Jill
*2nd Place  "David Simpson" & Heather Smith
*3rd Place   "Angie Jones" & Trent Haynes


 Houston, Texas 



 Congratulations to our...

 DFW Pro Am Jam Champions, and Finalists! 

2010 *Results* 

 Female Pro-Am Intermediate Strictly Swing
 1st place- Angie J. & Dominique Martin
3rd place- Angie J. & Michael Davis
Female Pro-am Strictly Swing Novice Division
3rd place- Angie J. & Chris Singley 
Junior Mixed Pro-Am Strictly Swing Finals
3rd place- Angie J. & De'Neric Pinson- Jr. Division (Her son)

 Male Pro-Am Intermediate Strictly Swing Finals
2nd place- Sara Daly & Terry Roseborough
Male Pro-Am Novice Strictly Swing Finals
2nd place- David Simpson & Na'Kedra Higgins

Novice Jack & Jill Finals
1st place- Lauren Hubbard & Harold Cramer
3rd place- Chris Singley & Malena Eckenrod

Intermediate Jack & Jill Finals
1st- Jeremy Thompson & Alyssa King

Open Strictly Swing Finals
 2nd place- David Simpson & Roxanne Ware
Truman Mc Mullough Pro-Am Jack's Jill Finals
1st place- Dominique Martin & Doug Rouser
2nd place- Alyssa King & Richard Ware
3rd place- Lauren Hubbard & Doug Rouser
Novice Strictly Swing Finals
1st place- Mike Taylor & Erica Ross
Intermediate Strictly Swing Finals
Michael Williams & Alyssa King
Dominique Martin & Valerie Davis
Mike Davis & Shay Culpepper
3rd Place- TOP TEACHER Award
Ms. Angie J.


 Dallas, Texas 



 Congratulations to our... 

DALLAS D.A.N.C.E. WINNERS Champions, and Finalists!  


Hello Dancers!

Here are the results from DALLAS D.A.N.C.E  Championships that took place over the Labor Day Weekend. 
Furthermore, I had a great time as a spectator as well!

Female ProAm Traditional (routines)
2nd Place - Dominique Martin & Alisha Turner
Intermediate J&J
1st Place - Lauren Hubbard & Cory Chiquet
2nd Place - Dominique Martin & Sara Krezinski

Advanced J&J
4th Place - Angie Jones & Rob Glover
All-Star J&J
2nd Place - David Simpson & Tori Ellington
Swing Dance Teams
2nd Place -  S-Factor Dance Company
Novice Strictly Swing
1st Place - Erica Ross & Benjamin Clemons
Intermediate/Advanced/All-Star Strictly Swing
4th Place - David Simpson & Leslie Daniell
7th Place - Dominique Martin & Lauren Hubbard 
Thank you, Mr. Dominique Martin


 Masters Contest
  Mr. Lewis Neal & Ms. Leslie Mallory
Female Pro-Am Traditional Contest
Mr. Dominique Martin & Ms. Alisha Turner

Intermediate Jack & Jill Contest
 Mr. Cory Chiquet & Ms. Lauren Hubbard
 Novice Strictly Swing Contest
    Mr. Benjamin Clemons & Ms. Erica Ross

Swing Dance Teams Contest

S-Factor Dance Company of Dallas, Texas

 Dallas, Texas 


"West Coast Swing Dance" 
Social Events...

S-Factor Dance Troupe Day Parties hosted by the founder Ms. Lasonda Campbell with DJ Gentry on the 1's & 2's. Furthermore, Ms. Campbell recently became an Arthur of the PASSION POWER PLAY book. For more information, please click here: www.lasondacampbell.com 

Thank you once again, Ms. Lasonda Campbell, for mentioning me in your new book.
I am humbled, and forever grateful.



 November 25-28, 2010 - Thanksgiving Weekend - Burbank California

The US Open Swing Dance Championships is the oldest and largest National Swing Dance competition of the year. Founded in 1983 by Jack Bridges, its history is rich. Jack Bridges, now deceased, had a passion for swing dancing. His purpose behind the US Open Swing Dance Championships was to run an "OPEN" Swing Dance Event. Open to any style Swing Dancing that is being danced anywhere in the United States"
You will experience other exciting dance styles, in our and Cabaret Divisions such as theater arts, ballroom, hustle, salsa, hip-hop, jazz, and tap. The divisions range in age from 6 years old for Young America to.....well, no age limit! As evidenced in our Masters Division over 50 category. 
The competition energy creates excitement and electricity in the air. You will witness some of the most amazing dance performances that you will ever see in one place at one time. The US OPEN takes pride in hiring only an expert Judging Panel. This panel of experts receives the highest salary of any Swing Dance event and is committed to an outcome deserving of the prestigious titles earned.
The US Open Swing Dance Championships celebrates its 26th year in 2008. It is a founding member of the National Association of Swing Dance Events, (NASDE), and a member of the World Swing Dance Council, (WSDC).


 U.S.Open ~ Open Strictly Swing/U.S.Open Golden Ticket Tour
*2010 Winner*

Dallas' very own West Coast Swing dancer Ms. Angie J. traveled to Burbank, CA. Nov 25-28, Thanksgiving weekend to compete in "The Golden Ticket Tour."

 She placed 5th out of 16 couples in the tour.

A MESSAGE; I got the chance to compete with my favorite Pro dancer Jordan Frisbee, the nation's Top West Coast Swing Pro. I also competed in the Open Strictly Swing Division and the Advance/All-Star Jack & Jill which was amazing, and a great experience that I will never forget.

 Dallas, Texas "Dance Like The Pros Studio" represented at the U.S. Open!

Ms. Angie J.



 Americas' Classic Swing Dance Championships 20th Year Anniversary!


 Houston, Texas


History Has Been Made  

For the very first time in the twenty-year history of the American Classic Championships has there have ever been three "Black Dance Teams" scheduled to compete against each other in the dance team's division!!!

 2011 Dance Teams Division


 "First Place Winners"
 S- Factor Dance Troupe
Dance Choreographer: Ms. Lasonda Campbell
Town: Dallas, Texas


 "Second Place Winners"
 Mr. & Mrs. Dance Team
 Dance Choreographer: Ms. Debbie Figueroa
Town: Austin, Texas


 "Third Place Winners"
 "X" - Dance Troupe
Dance Choreographer: Ms. DeAnna Frey
Town: Austin, Texas  


 Americas' Classic Champions 2011 Competition Results

Novice Jack & Jill
CJ Caraway & JesAnn Nail    (1st)
Chris Brown & Nakedra Higgins   (2nd)
Errol Singley & Megan Martin   (3rd)
Intermediate Jack & Jill
Michael Davis & Stephanie Risser   (3rd)
Advanced Jack & Jill
David Simpson & Amanda Warren    (1st)
Trent Haynes & Angie Jones   (7th)
Novice Strictly Swing
CJ Caraway & Phallon Tillis   (2nd)
Thomas Guerrero & Jillian Townsend   (3rd)
Alex Waller & Danielle Lamborde   (4th)
Intermediate Strictly Swing
Jerome Louis & Erica Ross   (3rd)
Advanced Strictly Swing
David Simpson & Leslie Daniell (3rd)
Todd Sumrall & Angie Jones   (8th)
Jeremy Thompson & Trendlyn Veal   (10th)
Male Pro-Am Novice
Shay Culpepper & David Simpson   (2nd)
Nakedra Higgins & Barry Jones Honors   (3rd)
Male Pro-Am Intermediate
Liana Claxton & David Simpson   (3rd)

Pro-Am Intermediate
Clint Madewell & Sandra Lopez   (3rd)
 Place In The Top 10
Mike Davis & Ms. Angie Jones
Female Pro-Am Novice
CJ Caraway & Lasonda Campbell   (2nd)
Derek Garrett & Lasonda Campbell  (5th)
Place In The Top 10
Errol Singley & Ms. Angie Jones
Mixed Pro-Am Division (Routine)
CJ Caraway & Lasonda Campbell  (4th)
S-Factor Dance Troupe   (1st)
Mr. & Mrs.   (2nd)
"X" Dance Troupe   (3rd)
Pro Classic (NASDE)
 William Mattocks & Lasonda Campbell   (5th)
David Simpson & Sandra Lopez   (7th)
2011 DANCE Winners
Novice Strictly Swing Champions:
Benjamin Clemons & Erica Ross
Intermediate Strictly Swing Champions:
Dominique Martin & Lauren Hubbard

 Overall DANCE Winners
4th Overall DANCE 2011 Novice Jack & Jill National follower - Liana Claxton
5th Overall DANCE 2011 Novice Jack & Jill National follower - Erica Ross
6th overall DANCE Novice Strictly Swing - CJ Caraway & Phallon Tillis

"We Are Strong, Together As One!"

 Congratulations To All That Danced At This Year's Americas' Classic Champions Competition!



 A Great Achievement...



S-Factor Original Members


 National Champions ~ 2005


 Americas' Classic ~ 2011


Dallas D.A.N.C.E ~ 2011

S-Factor Dance Troupe "The People's Team"
Reigning 2011 Champions of America's Classic (Houston, TX), Mad Jam (Vienna, VA), Swing Dance America (Milwaukee, WI), VIP All-Star Open (Burbank, CA), and Dallas Dance!
In honor of S-Factor's 7 Year Anniversary, they will be performing their new champion routine entitled "ARMAGEDDON" at Third Saturday's Annual Instructors Appreciation!!!! Hold on to your seats because you don't want to miss this show!!!
S-Factor History (7 Years Strong):
S-Factor was founded in September of 2004 by Lasonda Campbell in Dallas, TX.  Within a year they evolved from a modest Ladies Styling Class into a team of 23 dancers once Lasonda invited the men to join the troupe.  The rest is history as they then began to travel the country displaying their love of swing dance!  They solidified themselves as a viable dance team after receiving their very first invitation to dance. This invitation came from Damon and Lisa D'Amico for the Texas State Dance Association Championships (TSDA) sponsored by Southwest Whip Club in October 2004. Without even having a team name or complete routine, 16 members traveled to Houston, TX for a performance that consisted of half choreography and half freestyle. All they knew is that they wanted to attend, and they wanted to DANCE!
S-Factor Accomplishments:
With nearly 100 exhibitions/performances in 7 years, S-Factor is breaking new ground in dance communities across the country.  S-Factor continues to re-invent themselves in the swing dance world with their cutting edge choreography and innovative dance routines. Under Lasonda's leadership, they have performed for the likes of Norma Miller, Vivica Fox, George Clinton, and Michael Baisden and were featured during WFAA's Channel 8 weekly Metro television segment as well as premiered in Eclipse magazine. S-Factor is the reigning Teams champion of Americas' Classic 2011, Mad Jam 2011, Swing Dance America 2011, VIP All-Star Open 2011, and Dallas Dance 2011! Their dancers excel collectively as well as individually with greater than 100 plus awards for individual competition categories to date including this year's National AANCE Novice Strictly Champion, Erica Ross (S-Factor's Captain)!  In addition 3 members (Liana Claxton, Erica Ross, & CJ Caraway) were nominated & selected as finalists for the prestigious WAG Awards for Best Novice/Intermediate Female & Male categories.   S-Factor is one of the most sought after dance teams on the swing dance circuit. You can find Lasonda providing stellar choreography, conducting workshops, judging and competing from coast to coast!!!
S-Factor Members:
S-Factor is proud of their founding members who graciously pioneered the course. The members who danced/attended the very first performance were Jerry Palmer, Willie Williams, Gentry Chalmers, Monty Pearson, David Myers, Brandon Campbell, Lavel Shepard, Ron Lewis, Andrea Mitchell (First Captain), Ericka Christian Murray, Angelia Miliner-Hunter, Robyn Jackson Dyer, Ursula Mobley, Kris Spruell, Pebelock Anderson, and Paula Meadows. S-Factor's love of the dance is so contagious some of their former members also started dance teams in other cities: DeAnna Allison Frey (X-Dance Troupe in Austin, TX) and Jamon Wilkins (Crème De La Creme in Houston, TX). The current members continue forging ahead with their ever challenging goals!! The current members are Angie Miliner Hunter, Bahiya Rashid, Brandon Campbell (Captain), CJ Caraway, Derek Garrett, Erica Ross (Captain), Errol Chris Singley, Gary Quiette, Jamie Burton, Jermaine Smith, Kennetha Randle, Ketema Lyles, Kim Roberts James, Lasonda Campbell, Latanya Christian, Lee Miller, Lenny Hughes, Liana Claxton, Na'Kedra Higgins, Tanisha Calloway Smith, Ursula Mobley, & Will McCowan.
S-Factor's theme for the 7th year is HUMILITY. To whom much is given, much is required.  Their goal is to give back to the community that which has been provided to them. They strive daily to continue the mission of spreading the love of swing dance nationwide by vigorously recreating the energy of our dance mentors of the Harlem Renaissance, a time when swing dance flourished!!!

Please become our fan on Facebook!

Sincerely, S-Factor Dance Company
Dallas, Texas

 It Was With Great Pleasure To Highlight The Dallas - Fort Worth Dance Scenes And Other Dance Platforms From: 11/2009 to 11/2016.

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