Follow My Lead "Swing With Swagga"

3rd Annual Dance Contest.

Dallas, Texas



A Thank-You-Note

From: Swingology Dance


 We would like to take this opportunity and thank all Competitors, Spectators, and Judges that attended our 3rd Annual "Follow My Lead" Dance Contest on January 29th, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. 

The event once again was a great success, and we hope all participants and supporters enjoyed the occasion as much as we did. 

Best regards,
Swingology Dance

Below please feel free to enjoy all the dance contest results and highlights courtesy of this website...



"Follow My Lead"

Above is, Executive Coordinators: Ms. Katrina Moore, &     Ms. Eujeanne Kleinpeter, and Certified Head Judge:  Mr. Lawrence Bradford of "National Hand Dance Association" in Washington, D.C.


    This "Follow My Lead" Dance Contest was founded in 2009 by:             Mr. Derrick Farrow (a.k.a.) Big Smooth of Dallas, Texas.








 Jack & Jill Swing Out Division I:




1st Place:  Trevis Guidry & Traci Stonum

2nd Place: Phil Colon & Donna Fowlks

3rd Place:  Edward Rogers & Jackie Arnett










Jack & Jill Swing Out Division II:




1st Place:  Garrett Derek & Erica Ross

2nd Place:  John Sigears & Detra Harrell

3rd Place:  Rasheed Hatcher & Kiana Hamlett









 Jack & Jill West Coast Combo:




1st Place: Garrett Derrick & Liana Claxton

2nd Place: Brandon Manning & Erica Ross

3rd Place: CJ Caraway & Natasha Veal










 Houston Two-Step:




 1st Place:  Ron Lewis & Starr Marie
2nd Place:  Walter McDonald & Iris Lancaster
3rd Place:  Corelle Chest & Latisa Lewis








 Mixed Pro/AM-Open Division:



First Preliminary











 Mixed Pro/AM-Open Division:



Second Preliminary






 Mixed Pro/AM-Open Division:




1st Place: Rasheed Hatcher & Angie Jones-(P)
2nd Place: CJ Caraway & Lasonda Campbell-(P)
3rd Place: Kendra Armstrong & David Simpson-(P)






Strictly Swing (West Coast) Combo 




1st Place: CJ Caraway & Erica Ross
2nd Place: Tony Smith & Shonda Washington
3rd Place: Chris Singley & Nakedra Higgins





Sorry, there are no pictures from this heat. I had to leave the facility for a short time.



 Strictly Swing (Swing Out) Division II:




1st Place:  Rasheed Hatcher & Detra Hall
2nd Place: Marcus Ross & Alisia Saffore
3rd Place:  Kevin Rafter & Kendra Miles






 Show Case Winners:



1st Place: CJ Caraway & Liana Claxton
2nd Place: Brandon Campbell & Erica Ross
3rd Place: Melvin Jones & Sharell Weeams





 Special Performance by:



US Swing Champion

Mr. Terry Roseborough



  Please note that; I'm very sorry. I wasn't able to take all the winner's photos due to a low battery in my camera.  However, congratulations to all!    




  Strictly Swing ~1st Place Winners: Mr. Carlos & Mrs. Kim Morgan, and way to go "Step~N~Motion" of Austin, Texas!






 "Supporters & Spectators"


Mr. Buck & Mrs. Brenda Adams w/B & B Productions in Austin, Texas and  Ms. Sandy Brown of Oklahoma City, OK. 
Dancers: Ms. Star & Mr. Keyboy of Houston, Texas and Austin, Texas dancers Mr. & Mrs. Jones.  


Ms. Brenda Mathews w/HBCDA in  Houston, Texas and DFW dancers Mr. Anthony Jones and Mr. Jeremy Thompson w/Dazzling Swing Dance Starzz.  
DFW Dancers: Ms. Jackie Hubbard & Ms. Denise Armstrong and Mr. Jay Owens w/Flo-Motion Dance Association of Houston.  


Ms. Cheryl Kidd w/NCTSOS of Dallas, Texas and Mr. John Sigears  & Ms. Andrea Jackson w/Step N Style of Houston.  
Texas dancers: Mr. Ken & Ms. Flo Mobley and Dallas dancers,                                         Mr. Wild Bill & Lady CoCo. 

Ms. Kim Paul with "Creme de la Creme Dance" and DFW dancers Willie B. Williams & Ms. Latonia Wallace.
DFW dancers: Lady CoCo w/You And Me Dance & Mr. Geno Spears w/OneGSteppers and  Ms. Veda White.


         DFW "Novelist" Ms. Toni Watkins & dance instructor 
    Mr. Jesse Rivera and Mr. Ron Wilson & Ms. Shellie Deajon                                  w/ASLD Studio" in Houston, Texas.
        DFW dancers Ms. Yolanda Scott & Mr. Andra Smith and
                      Mr. Edward Smith, "The Mayor of Swing."

DFW dancer: Mr. Jerry Palmer "The King of Swing" w/the L-Jet "Road Crew" Ms. Katrina July, Ms. Kathy Miles, and Mr. Larry Duncan with The Black & White Ball in Houston.
 DFW dancers: Ms. Pamela Robertson, Ms. Toni Watkins, and myself.


Mr. Ladell Headroe and Mr. Ed. Rogers w/Smooth Flava Entertainment & Dance of  Houston, Texas.




The FML Social Dance Photos


Please stand by for more

 information on the 4Th Annual

"Follow My Lead"

 dance contest.



        Posing above we have DFW dancers Mr. Greg & Mrs. Melisa Lee with  their  dance coaches  -  Ms. Lauren Hubbard  &  Mr. Dominique Martin, and dancers    Ms. Sharell Weeams & Mr. Melvin  Jones. 



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 It Was With Great Pleasure To Highlight The Dallas - Fort Worth Dance Scenes And Other Dance Platforms From: 11/2009 to 11/2016.

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